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Installation Jigs

ProBox has a very simple and inexpensive installation mechanism that is built around a single installation jig. This jig serves to position the box, route the hole, and locate the box during installation.

The installation jigs are reusable and do not need to be replaced everytime an install is performed. The jigs are molded from a material that allows them to be easily cleaned with acetone. Additionally, the jigs are flexible in order to facilitate placing them on a bottom with concave, this also makes it easier to lift the jigs after installation.

The jigs have markings on them to facilitate the placement of the jig and to show how the jig is oriented relative to the rail of the board.

Because the jigs are inexpensive it is very cost effective to have a large number of jigs for multiple installations.

ProBox Products Title

Router Bit & Bearing

The ProBox installation process employs a router bit with a bearing on the top, the bearing is run around the inner edge of the installation jig to guide the cut.

The router bit has a 1/4" shank and is 1/2" diameter by 3/4" deep. The bearing is 5/8" diameter, this results in a lip being left, after the routing process, between the inner jig edge and the routed hole. This simplifies the installation process by providing a larger gap between the jig and the dam on the box.

Router bits are sold either in install kits or separately. The bearings can also be bought separately and includes an allen key for replacing the bearing.

ProBox Products Title