ProBox Install title

There are two preferred techniques for reinforcing the installation one of these techniques has to be used to reinforce the resin. These techniques are simply and effective and do not require milled fiber in the resin.

Glass Roving: This is our recommended technique that applies extra strength directly to the resin surrounding the box, helping to bind the resin together. Once again this is a very simple and effective technique that does not cause much complication to the process, but has a huge impact on the durability of the installation.

This technique involves wrapping a strand of fiberglass roving twice around the box. The best source for the strand of roving is from a piece of 24oz woven roving cloth. The reason this works better is because the glass strands in the woven roving are sized with a material that binds the fibers together making them easier to manage. A single strand is all that is needed.

Roving Reinforcement
Cloth Reinforcement

The roving should be long enough to be able to wrap twice around the box. Before installing the box wrap the roving around the box while still dry and then place the box into the routed hole and pour resin to top off the hole following the standard installation process. Typical length is 18".

Because of the shape of the box and the tabs and nubs on the box it is very easy to position the roving around the box and have it stay in position.

Glass Cloth: the alternative technique is to line the inside of the routed hole with a strip of 4 or 6oz cloth. This cloth can either cover the entire interior of the hole or can be spread around the vertical surfaces. The cloth can be applied dry before pouring any resin into the hole, this makes it very simple to add this step to the process. This cloth helps the strength of the installation by helping to spread the loads to the surrounding foam and binding the resin.

We strongly recommend using one of these techniques on every installation.