ProBox Install title

During the laminating process of the board, it is wise to plan for the reinforcement of the tail area of the board where the boxes will be installed. The simplest approach is to put an additional layer across the whole tail area of the board. If this is not desirable then 6oz patches can be placed where the boxes will be installed. These can be placed either under the glass or on top depending on whether the board is colored or not! If patches are being used we strongly recommend placing them on top of the glass, the reason for this is that way there is less risk of sanding through the primary layer during the sanding process.

The parts needed for the installation are - a set of ProBox boxes [with inserts], installation jigs, die-cut peel & stick installation covers, Allen key, 1/2" x 3/4" router bit, 3M Super 77 spray adhesive, and a panel router.

The photos show these parts.

Installation Parts

The key to a smooth sailing installation is to be well prepared so that there are no surprises in the middle of the process.

ProBox boxes are very easy to install but it is still smart to be well prepared.

Before proceeding to the Alignment step of the installation process prepare the bottom of the board for the attachment of the installation jigs. The installation should take place after the board has been hot coated. Start by sanding the bottom in the area of the installation so that the surface is smooth, there should be no bumps or unevenness that might cause the jig to not lay flat, or that might result in the jig being tilted in anyway.

The goal is to ensure that the jig is flat relative to the bottom contour of the board!