ProBox Install title

The boxes are glued into the board using a mixture of resin, pigment, and catalyst. Roughly 1oz of resin is required per box. Additionally, one of the recommended resin reinforcement methods discussed on the Reinforcement page need to be used. These reinforcement techniques add additional strength to the resin surrounding the box and eliminate the need to use milled fibers in the resin. The preferred technique is the strand of roving wrapped around the box.

The outside of the ProBox should be cleaned and sanded to improve the bond between the box and the resin. ProBox provides a die-cut adhesive sheet that has been shaped to cover the top of the box, clay is also provided for plugging the screw holes, making it easy to protect the box from resin intrusion.

The adjacent photo shows a box that has been prepared with a die-cut peel & stick cover and clay in the screw holes.

Potted Box
Potted Box

Add catalyst to the resin mixture and pour it into the hole until it is roughly 1/3 full of resin, now snap the box into the jig, it only fits one way. Push down on the ProBox to ensure that all of the tabs are down flush with the bottom of the board. It is critical that the ProBox be all the way down with all of the tabs touching the bottom of the board, this will ensure that the box is correctly aligned.

Fill the remainder of the hole with resin so that the level is slightly below the top of the resin dam, the jig will serve as a dam for the resin. This topping off can be accomplished with either a syringe or a squeeze bottle, ensure that there is enough resin as it will settle.

We strongly advise wrapping a strand of glass roving around the box when it is being installed, this can be done with dry roving, use enough to go twice around the box. This dramatically improves the strength of the resin surrounding the box.