ProBox Install title

Once the resin is fully cured remove the jig by gently peeling it away from the bottom of the board. The jig is flexible enough to make it easy to peel it up.

Screw the set screws in, using the Allen key, until they are below the level of the top of the ProBox. Now grind the box down flush with the bottom of the board, this will remove the resin dam and tabs from the box. This process might result in a very slight sanding of the insert that is installed in the box. Do not over sand the bottom of the board as that could weaken the reinforcing glass around the box!

The picture shows a box that has been sanded down flush with the bottom of the board. At this point in time the installation is completed and the sanding process can be performed on the rest of the board.

All the boxes can be installed simultaneously as ProBox provides enough installation jigs to perform a complete installation.

ProBox Install title
Finished Installation

If the board is going to have a gloss coat and be polished the box and screws should be covered with our die-cut peel & stick gloss cover, or masking tape, to prevent resin from getting into the insert and the screws holes. ProBox can provide die-cut peel & stick gloss covers that are shaped to fit the boxes to simplify this process.

Insert Color Coding: BLUE - 0°, RED - 4°, BLACK - 6°, and WHITE - 8°.

This completes the basic installation process for the ProBox Fin System!

The remaining pages of this section have some helpful hints on how to reinforce the installation and more information on the recommended routers for the system. Also there are some tips and tricks about the installation process.