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All prices subject to change without notice. Prices in US Dollars. Quantity discounts available to qualified surfboard builders and retail outlets. For pricing enquiries please contact the California office at 310.530.1383.

Dealer enquiries welcome.

ProBox Standard Side Bit Set - Plastic $20.00
ProBox Standard Thruster Set - Plastic $30.00
ProBox Standard Quad Set - Plastic $40.00
ProBox Side Bite Set - Fiberglass (under 4.00") $36.00
ProBox Thruster Set - Fiberglass $60.00
ProBox Quad Set - Fiberglass $80.00
ProBox Side Bite Set - Fiberglass (4.00" and higher) $40.00
ProBox Keel Side Bite Set - Fiberglass $50.00
ProBox Quad Bonzer Runner Set - Fiberglass $82.00