ProBox Products Title

PB400GT Side Bite Fin

Height: 4.00"   Base Width: 3.50"

ProBox Guy Takayama designed side bite fin set in fiberglass!

PB475 Thruster Fin

Height: 4.75"   Base Width: 4.50"

ProBox Guy Takayama thruster or quad template fiberglass!

PB400GT Side Bite Fin

Height: 4.00"   Base Width: 3.875"

ProBox Guy Takayama side bite or quad template fiberglass!

PBQuadGT Quad Fin Set

Height: 4.75" & 4.00"   Base: 4.50" & 3.875"

ProBox Guy Takayama designed quad set in fiberglass!

PB Twinzer Fin Setup

Height: 3.00" & 4.75"   Base: 2.875" & 4.50"

Twinzer front fin at 14, 16, or 18-degree cant helps hold the board in the vertical face of the wave, with a quick pivoting ability!

PB Quadfire Fin Setup

Height: 4.50" & 4.00"   Base: x.xx" & x.xx"

These fins are designed for short tight turns and reduced drag in a quad setup!

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