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Hanalei Fins Wing Series

HF400WS Front Fin & HF450WS Rear Fin

Designed by: Robin Mair    Summer 2007

This is a new purpose designed matched quad set, the thrust of this design is speed and drive without sacrificing turning performance! The bases of the fins have been kept narrow to enhance turning and the drive has been moved further out into the body of the fin where it is out in clean water away from turbulent flow along the bottom of the board. The rear fin has the area carried well into the tip in order to enhance the drive and feel of the fin. Because the bulk of the area of the fin is further back the fins can be positioned further forward enhancing looseness!

A number of different sizes are available for the larger back fin, including a six [6] fin standup paddle board setup that includes these two sizes plus a 5.25" version of the back fin!

These fins need to be positioned a little differently than a normal quad setup. Typically a little bit further forward on the board, and a little closer together. They are not designed to be spread too far apart!

In addition to fiberglass fins, this series of fins will also be available in laminated exotic woods! Check these pages for photos in the coming weeks.

Have Fun!

Hanalei Fins WS Quad