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ProBox Fin System Brochure

If you have been looking for a fin system that is easy to install, delivering adjustability in the directions that make a difference, then this is the system for you.

Its new and its different and it delivers an unprecedented level of control over your fin setup. Allowing you to tune a surfboard to the exact characteristics needed for any given surf break!

ProBox has a revolutionary patented insert mechanism that allows the cant to be changed to 0°, 4°, 6°, and 8° degree angles. Cant adjustment affects the performance and turning characteristics of a surfboard, more cant more looseness!

But not only can the cant be adjusted but the fins can be moved up to 1/2” forward and backwards allowing even greater flexibility in fine tuning the performance of the board. Moving the entire cluster forward will loosen the board, move it back for bigger waves to tighten it up, or spread them apart to draw out the turns.

Then try moving one side fin forward and the other backward to really tune the board to improve cutbacks or bottom turns. Unprecedented adjustment that is easy and foolproof, what you have been waiting for - ProBox

ProBox Advantages

The ProBox introduces another level of adjustability to surfboard fin systems by allowing adjustment of the position forward and backwards, and the cant (fin angle). All in a system that is easy to install. Here are some of the advantages of this new fin system.

• The system utilizes a fin with a solid base that has no built in angle making for a system that is both strong and simple, with improved performance characteristics

• A V-notch in the base provides a platform for the screws to land on, when tightened this creates a compression fit of the fin and insert into the box

• Works with fins from some of the older fin systems so the surfer does not immediately have to invest in new fins

• Custom fiberglass fins can easily be manufactured for the system, allowing surfboard designers to provide custom fin designs

• Uses a simple installation system that requires a single jig which is used for alignment, routing, box holding, and resin dam. Without the need for a fin in the box slot during installation

• The installation jig eliminates many installation errors that can occur by providing a mechanism that locks the box into the correct position while it is being glued in place

• ProBox provides a variety of insert angles that allow manufacturers and consumers to pick the ideal fin angle for the surfboard or surf conditions

• Inserts are color coded and asymmetrically shaped so that they cannot be incorrectly placed

ProBox Fin System Parts

The ProBox system is very simple and consists of only four primary parts.

Insert (Blue 0°, Red 4°, Black 6°, and White 8°, also WHITE and BLACK positive buoyancy anti-drag plugs)

Box & screws (separate side & center boxes)

Installation jig (for aligning, routing, locating, and gluing)

Allen key

Do you know your fin setup?

Do you know at what cant angle your fins are set? Did you know that adjusting your fins forward and backwards drastically changes the performance of your surfboard?

For years we have just put a fin in a box, tightened the screws, and gone surfing! You can continue to do that with Pro✧Box but you can do so much more!

ProBox not only allows you to change the fore ‘n’ aft position, but to change the fin angle (cant) as well. Both types of adjustment can radically affect the performance of a surfboard.

Many of the competing fin systems don’t support any adjustment. The ones that allow the cant to be altered do so by forcing you to buy a set of fins with a different angle to the base, ouch!

This means you are locked into the fin setup the manufacturer gave you, with no way of knowing if they got it right or not, because you can’t change anything! Doesn’t this seem a little restrictive?

None of the competing systems support both types of adjustment in a single system - ProBox does!

We want you to be in control of the fin setup on your surfboard. We all surf in a wide variety of conditions and locations, with differing styles. Why should you depend on a fin setup that might not be right for you or your conditions. Additionally, we don’t want you to have to buy all new fins. That is why we made ProBox work with plug tabs, so that you can reuse your existing fins.

More importantly we made it easy and inexpensive to get true fiberglass fins of your choice. Because ProBox only needs a small solid base added to the base of any glass-on fin, any fin company can manufacture fins for this system!

So the next time you buy, order, or make a surfboard, put a set of ProBox boxes in and take your surfing to another level.

Have fun, go experiment!

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